Go Natural With Wooden Bar Stools

Go Natural With Wooden Bar Stools

You frequently find bar stools come in either metal or wood, and it is a matter of personal choice which you choose for your home. So today we thought we would talk about Wooden Bar Stools, and what benefits there are when choosing this style.

Why Wood?

Natural materials such as wood bring warmth and a traditional look into the room, adding a really welcoming and homely feel around your breakfast bar. It is additionally an exceptionally lovely looking material, and this is maybe its most noteworthy quality of all.

Wooden bar stools give you a choice of having different types of wood from; beech wood, cherry wood, oak wood, or a number of other woods that can give your kitchen that unique feel.

Well-made wooden bar stools are also going to be exceptionally solid. Well-constructed wood stools will have no issues managing the ordinary mishandle families frequently put furniture through.

Below you will find our Top Picks of wooden bar stools we stock for your home.

Our Top Picks for Wooden Bar Stools

The Helsinki

Charming and contemporary, the Helsinki bar stool is cushioned for ultimate comfort. It will create a warm atmosphere to your kitchen counter or breakfast bar area.


wooden stools The Athena

Enhancing the modern look of this bar stool, the low back rest allows the Athena to be placed in any environment without looking over crowded.

Moritz wooden bar stool The Moritz

Stood tall and proud on one crafted base, the Moritz effortlessly combines a evocative design with a modern style. It will provide both comfort and style to any room.

So in the event that you are searching for the ideal kind of wooden bar stool to to enhance your kitchen, Lakeland Furniture is offering all kinds of wooden stools just for you.

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